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All you want to know about car fleet insurance

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If you have more than one car, and you want to get the important information related to car fleet insurance, you are in the right place. In this file, we present to you all the information that we have collected and obtained with care and patience, and after a thorough research, to insure a group of your cars, which is what is known as car fleet insurance. Know more about car insurance on BuyAnyInsurance.

Car fleet insurance is of great importance in ensuring the smooth running of your company’s business and protecting your business from any unpleasant surprises or accidents. In addition, insuring your fleet of cars under one insurance policy saves you time, money and effort, and offers you peace of mind.

In addition, companies that have commercial vehicles, or large families that own several cars are eligible for car fleet insurance, and they can register all types of vehicles under one document.   

Car fleet insurance mechanism

Motor fleet insurance covers both small fleets and large fleets of commercial vehicles. If your company owns a number of cars or commercial vehicles, it may be easier and cheaper to include them under one insurance policy, imagine how confusing and at the same time very complicated it is to insure each vehicle with a single policy!

Fleet car insurance policies are designed in an efficient and easy way, compared to dealing with a large number of different personal car insurance policies. You can issue a car fleet insurance policy starting from two vehicles. In addition to the advantage of shortening paper transactions and administrative work, paying one installment, and renewing the document in one day. Car fleet insurance saves you time and money with one policy for multiple cars.

What types of vehicles are covered by car fleet insurance?

What types of vehicles are covered by car fleet insurance?

Car fleet insurance covers all types of vehicles owned and operated by your company in the course of its business operations. This includes any company cars your employees use on business trips, as well as taxis, motorcycles, minibuses, heavy vehicles, and trucks.

As you can ensure different types of vehicles in one policy, sometimes some companies may exclude some types of vehicles such as motorcycles, cranes and excavators. So, it is best to call and speak with our experts. They’ll help to provide you with all the information you need to secure your vehicle fleet.

How many vehicles are needed to be considered a fleet?

Determining the number of cars differs from one company to another, as the minimum may be two vehicles. Some companies do not accept less than 6 or 10 vehicles to consider it as a fleet and provide you with the appropriate insurance policy. On the other hand, the maximum limit for some companies may reach hundreds or thousands. But most companies will cover about 500 vehicles in one document.

Types of car fleet insurance

There are three main types of car fleet insurance in the UAE, namely –

Third party insurance

Third party insurance is the minimum coverage required under UAE law. This type of insurance provides coverage for third party damages; Vehicle damage, physical injuries.

Fires and theft

It provides you with coverage against fire or theft damages to your fleet of vehicles, in addition to third party insurance benefits.

Comprehensive insurance

It is the highest level of coverage available, and provides coverage for you and a third party. Comprehensive coverage features also vary from one company to another, and some provide coverage for-

  • Injuries to other people and damage to their vehicles
  • Steal vehicles of your fleet or destroy them in a fire
  • Medical expenses and incidental damages
  • The cost of replacing your fleet contents
  • Roadside assistance

Insurance companies in the UAE and their car fleet insurance program

Is car fleet insurance cheap?

One of the most important questions that you want to know the answer to, yes, it is cheaper than insuring each car separately. Some companies will compete to ensure your fleet of cars, and will offer you some discounts and valuable benefits.

Contact one of our BuyAnyInsurance agents to find out about the best car fleet insurance offers. One of our experts will help you find the best insurance policy to suit your fleet requirements.

Factors affecting the price of car fleet insurance –

  • Number of vehicles in your fleet
  • Types of vehicles you would like to insure
  • Vehicle age
  • Vehicles condition
  • The place where vehicles are parked at night
  • Number of times vehicles are used
  • Driver’s age
  • Driver’s record

Insurance companies in the UAE and their car fleet insurance program

Union Cooperative Insurance

Union Cooperative Insurance Company provides a car fleet insurance service for companies, of both types: compulsory insurance, i.e. against third parties, or comprehensive insurance, according to the needs and desires of the owner of the company who wishes to insure his car fleet.

The company provides a comprehensive insurance service for your company’s fleet of cars, and designs the insurance policy specifically for you to suit your needs and desires, as the company seeks to provide peace of mind to its customers, and the best protection services for the insured.

Main features –

  • Covering third party damages and damages to the insured vehicle in case of collision
  • Fire damage coverage
  • External blast damage
  • Coverage for spontaneous ignition damage
  • Damage caused by lightning
  • Burglary or theft
  • Damages resulting from the deliberate actions of a third party or during road transport, rain, inland waterways or elevators and other factors.
  • Vehicle towing assistance or medical expenses coverage can be added to the comprehensive insurance policy.

Dubai Insurance

Dubai Insurance Company provides its services to companies based in the United Arab Emirates. The car fleet insurance policy provides insurance coverage for the company’s car fleet, provided that one insurance policy includes at least 10 cars.

A commercial truck insurance policy also provides liability coverage and truckload coverage for truck drivers and owner operators. Dubai Insurance offers the best flexible insurance policies to suit the needs of business owners Dubai Insurance Company also grants insurance policies for corporate cars and corporate car fleets, with the aim of covering material damage and third-party liability, according to UAE law.

Dubai Insurance Company provides insurance coverage to protect the insured from damage or damage to the insured car, in the following cases –

  • Accidental collision
  • Car rollover
  • External explosion, self-ignition
  • Theft or malicious acts
  • Damage or loss during transportation by road, rail, inland waterways or elevator
  • As for the liability of the third party, it is the compulsory insurance policy under the UAE law, and it covers the damages of the third party in the event of a collision accident, and the third-party insurance policy provided by Dubai Insurance covers –
  • Bodily injury or death
  • Property damage

Buhaira National Insurance Company

Whether your company is large or small, Al Buhaira National Insurance Company provides flexible solutions, to a wide range of fleet operators, from small to large fleets. The company’s insurance expertise will reduce costs, save time and reduce risks associated with operating your fleet.

The basic policy: in addition to the benefits according to the unified formula of the Insurance Authority.

The golden document, which grants the following additional benefits –

  • Personal injuries
  • Third party property damage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Natural disasters, storms and floods
  • Strike, riot and civil disobedience
  • Covering personal property damage
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Windshield damage
  • Replace the locks
  • Theft while valet parking
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Geographical expansion

Motor insurance online Dubai

Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance

Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Company provides the necessary solutions for car insurance, tailored to suit the needs of companies.

The company program is ideal for companies that have large commercial fleets, such as trucks, pick-ups, vans, buses, and more. Any car group of more than 6 vehicles and above qualifies for the motor fleet insurance plan. In addition, you can choose between third-party insurance or comprehensive insurance, or a combination of both.

Comprehensive coverage with Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance

Comprehensive coverage protects you from the costs involved in personal injury, as well as liability arising from damage to a third party. Be it physical injuries or property damage as a result of an unfortunate collision. This also includes emergency medical expenses up to a maximum of AED 1,000.

This coverage can be extended to personal accident benefits for drivers and passengers. Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Company has also partnered with the World Automobile Club to provide roadside assistance 24/24 hours, and in the event of a breakdown or accident, which is an optional item.

Third-party coverage with Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance

Third-party Liability Cover protects you from liability for third party damage due to third party property damage, or bodily injury resulting from a collision. It is the minimum legal requirement to register your vehicle in the UAE.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance insurance coverage is an added benefit, regardless of the type of coverage you offer for your vehicle. This cover provides assistance in emergency situations in which the driver is unable to move. In these cases, vehicles may be abandoned, exposing them to the risk of vandalism without roadside assistance coverage. This feature provides vehicle towing, as well as mechanical assistance to the driver and vehicle if needed.

Required documents

  • A copy of the vehicle registration card for all vehicles
  • A copy of the company’s trade license

Al Wathba National Insurance Company

This company offers various programs for car fleet insurance, comprehensive and third-party insurance, and anti-theft insurance.

Al Wathba understands the important role that the car fleet plays in the operation of your company’s business. Whether you own heavy goods vehicles or a fleet of private cars, Al Wathba insurance policies provide the appropriate coverage for your fleet, ensuring that your business continues to run without worry or fear. It also provides documents tailored to the size of your vehicles or fleet.

The company offers comprehensive insurance coverage, against third parties, and insurance against fire and theft for fleets.

  • Comprehensive policy of Al Wathba Insurance Company covers loss of damage to the insured vehicle and third-party liability.

  • Third- party insurance compensates third party damages for a limited amount as specified and agreed upon in the insurance policy.

Cheap car insurance fleet in UAE and Dubai

Salama Cooperative Insurance

Salama Cooperative Insurance provides standard and tailor-made services to the automotive fleet and business customers in the UAE. The company guarantees appropriate coverage for the owned and leased vehicles owned by your company under the “Auto Fleet” plan. In addition to private cars owned by employees when driving cars for business purposes.

Insurance coverage includes the following –

Damage to vehicles as a result of collisions, fire, theft and weather hazards

Bodily injury and material damage to third parties

Main features –

  • Helping you control and mitigate the risks and claims you spend
  • Access to information technologies and data analytics solutions
  • Provide claims reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The ability to provide innovative solutions
  • Access breakdown, accident and fleet services with roadside assistance
  • Contacting car fleet experts at the local and international levels

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company provides vehicle fleet insurance to keep your business on track, especially with simple and flexible insurance plans such as comprehensive insurance, third party insurance, and orange card plans.


  • Platinum package

The Platinum Package provides you with the highest coverage for your fleet with a value of up to 5 million dirhams. And you are guaranteed to get agency repair for 3 years.

  • Golden package

If you have more vehicles and want more protection, this gold category provides you with coverage up to 3.5 million dirhams, and guarantees you access to agency repairs for a period of two years.

Main features –

  • Quick Response: The team works to help you with whatever you need from 8 am to 9 pm, Saturday to Thursday.
  • Protection: Vehicle fleet insurance protects drivers and passengers from all risks.
  • Replacement vehicle: Wataniya Insurance provides you with a replacement vehicle when needed with insurance coverage.
  • Easy Insurance Coverage: The company provides you with one simple insurance plan for all the vehicles in your fleet.


What is car fleet insurance in the UAE?

 It’s when several vehicles are covered by one insurance policy, making it easier to manage with just one renewal date.

How much does fleet car insurance cost in the UAE?

The price depends on factors like the number and types of vehicles, how they’re used, and the coverage needed. For accurate quotes tailored to your fleet, reach out to BuyAnyInsurance experts.

Which are the top fleet car insurance companies in the UAE?

Find the most affordable quotes from leading insurance companies on BuyAnyInsurance’s comparison platform. Or call us toll-free at 800765429 for assistance.

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