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Best Car Wash Places in Dubai Near You

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When you take your car out on the road, it is imperative that it’ll get dirty and muddy. In most cases the ideal situation would be to search nearest car wash and give your car the much needed TLC. If you are in Dubai and are searching car wash Dubai, then we have curated a list for you.

Car wash centers are the perfect option for the residents of the UAE. A lot of people in Dubai avail car wash services regularly to maintain their car. If you don’t want to get your car wash every week or month, try to do it every 3-4 months. This way your car will remain in good condition and the interiors will also be maintained.  The frequent sandstorms in Dubai can make your car look dirty and you don’t want to be driving around an unwashed car.

Orange Auto

When it comes to the best car wash companies in Dubai, Orange Auto is right at the top. It is known for its impeccable service and affordable rates. You can find amazing deals and discounts as well on the website which you can avail. They provide different types of washing options like a manual wash, automatic wash, steam wash, etc., at affordable prices. It is one of the best car garages in Dubai which has 4.4 rating and 566 Google reviews. 

Apart from car wash, some of the other services that they offer include – tire and wheel care, oil change, battery care, suspension, car care, and repair shop.

Website – https://orangeauto.ae/

VOne Car Wash

If you search car wash near me in Dubai, it is most likely that the search results would lead you to VOne Car Wash. The company was established in 2015 and ever since there has been no looking back. They are expert car washers that use premium quality products for better results. You can get the following services as well apart from car wash – motorcycle care, car care, and transport vehicle services.

Website – https://www.vone.ae/

Grand Service Station

Next on the list of best car wash Dubai is Grand Service Station. If you are looking for car wash near me in cheap and affordable prices, then GS Station is the best choice. They have a wide range of packages which includes all the services required. The price range starts from AED 45 where superwash, car interior cleaning and a few other services are provided. GSS has 271 positive Google reviews for their best car cleaning services with 4.3 rating. 

Website – gsstations.ae

Keno Car Care

Keno Car Care is one of the top car wash app in Dubai. It is really easy and convenient to use the app. You can make your bookings online. They have a team of trained ninjas (as they like to call their car cleaners) who are quick and make your car shine.

Follow these steps –

  • Download the app (both for iOS and android)
  • Sign up and add your details
  • Add your vehicle
  • Select services
  • Confirm your order
  • Pay using any convenient payment method

Apart from car wash, you can also avail maintenance and detailing services.  

Website – https://www.keno.ae/

Mac Mobile Car Wash

Mac is a specialized mobile car wash company in Dubai. It provides the best car cleaning services, from the outside and inside, with details, for companies, villas, residential towers, hotels, and parking lots in the Emirates.

The MAC team has high experience and professionalism and has contributed to the development of the company’s business and its prosperity with an impeccable reputation. Adopting the best spray and wipe car cleaning techniques and using the best products to get the best results and win customer satisfaction.

Website – https://macmobilecarwash.com/

Auto Rent Car Service

Auto Rent Car Service is also a great place to get your car washed in Dubai. They are professionals and are known for their amazing car wash services for all kinds of cars. The professional and friendly staff in ARCS got 46 positive Google reviews with 3.2 Google rating. Apart from superior quality car wash services, they also offer –  interior detailing, air conditioning optimization, tire replacement, repair of the engines, and other miscellaneous services.

Website –  arcs-me.com

Al Quoz Car Wash

When it comes to car wash in Dubai, you can find lots of options. But you cannot give your car to a cheap or sub-standard wash company. You don’t know what kind of products they use and the services might also not be up-to the mark. With Al Quoz Car Wash your don’t have to worry. They offer amazing car wash services at most affordable rates.

With years of experience under their belt, Al Quoz Car Wash is an expert at choosing and using the right lubricants that don’t disturb the exterior beauty of your car.

Website – http://www.alquozcarwash.com/

Top H Cleaning

A lot of companies look for car wash in Dubai for the fleet of their cars. With Top H Cleaning you get complete car wash services whether you are a company or an individual. Top H Cleaning also offers a car wash service at home to save you time and effort. The staff uses high-quality materials. As for washing the car from the inside, it is washed using steam, which keeps your car free of moisture in addition to purifying it well from germs and viruses.

Website – https://www.tophcleaning.com/en/mobile-car-wash-dubai/ 

Blue Team Mobile Car Wash Service

Blue Team is one of the oldest mobile car wash and maintenance companies in the Emirates. The company is committed to sustainable environmental issues through the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials, while cleaning without water to reduce its consumption.

Blue Team also provides various services for your car, such as polishing and ceramic services, roadside assistance, and car wrap installation.

Website – http://www.teambluehandcarwash.com/


Last but certainly not the least on this list of 10 best places for car wash in Dubai is Autopro. It is well-known for its pro-wash service. Pro wash includes exterior body wash and engine wash either manually or automatically according to the user preference. Other than pro wash they provide Xtreme wash service too which includes interior and exterior cleaning along with the polish. They have 4.0 Google Rating with 115 Google ratings.

Website – autopro.ae

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