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Wash Your Car Or Be Fined

Written by Wasim

The UAE is known for its flash supercars, high rise buildings and glamorous lifestyle and it’s very rare that you see a car covered in dirt and sand because the government will put a penalty for such violation.

Dubai Municipality has warned residents not to leave their cars unwashed for a long time as this type of uncivilised behaviour can tarnish the aesthetic appearance of the city. “First, the vehicle will be identified whether it meets the conditions, such as obstructing the city’s cleanliness, and then a violation notice will be issued by putting a warning sticker on the vehicle,” said Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Saifaie, director of Dubai Municipality’s waste management department.  Drivers will have 15 days to clean the vehicle.

“If motorists fail to respond within this period, the vehicle will be confiscated and shifted to the scrap yard. And if the owner of the vehicle owner still refuses to pay the fine, the vehicle will be sold at auction,” added Al Saifaie.

When we talk about dirty cars, it is important to note that the warning does not extend to vehicles with light dirt around the tyres and some sand or dust around the body.

Residents who park their vehicles in public parking spaces should take note of the warning, in order to avoid the Dh500 fine.

There were 1073 fines and warnings issued to motorists in 2018 from Jan – May that was imposed by Abu Dhabi City Municipality across all residential and commercial areas and urged motorists to regularly wash their vehicles.

According to the rules, vehicle owners have three days to clean their cars once they receive a warning and if they fail to do so, the cars get towed away. The owners then face a fine which doesn’t include the impound fee and could be up to 3000 AED.*

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*Source: Gulf News

Originally published Apr 25, 2020 16:00:00 PM, updated May 08, 2024

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