Is the Sharjah recovery service included in the Car Insurance?

Is the Sharjah recovery service included in the Car Insurance?

sharjah recovery service
Sharjah Recovery Service

Sharjah’s traffic is growing daily nowadays. According to RTA, there are many registered vehicles on the road in Sharjah. The accident ratio has also increased, and many people lost their lives last year during traffic accidents in Sharjah. Sharjah Police stations have handled many traffic cases during the previous year. Above all, the court suspended many motorists’ licenses due to severe violations. Sometimes you will find substantial traffic jams on the roads of Sharjah and see people rushing while driving their cars.

It exhibits that even after good traffic rules implementation on the Sharjah roads by RTA. There are still chances of road accidents and car breakdowns. No matter how good you drive the car, you can not control other drivers on the road. Even if you are safe from an accident, there are still high chances of getting stranded on the Sharjah roads due to car breakdown or mechanical faults. 

It is hard to predict that a car breakdown, an accident, or a mechanical fault can happen at any time or any place in Sharjah. There you need some car towing Sharjah service that can help you out to get out of the stranded situation. 

What is Tow Truck Service?

sharjah recovery service
Sharjah Recovery Service

Towing Truck service means using a vehicle to tow another car due to car breakdown and inability to move from the position. Furthermore, tow trucking is also being used by Sharjah police if they find an abandoned, disabled, inoperable, or improperly parked car for impound.  

But, here, you may require recovery service in Sharjah if your car breaks down or you meet an accident, where you cannot move your vehicle because of its worst condition. Tow Truck service helps you to move the car from that place.

Does my Car Insurance Company cover towing service Sharjah?

If you have purchased third-party insurance, the car insurance company will not cover the tow trucking service under the insurance policy. However, suppose you have subscribed to the comprehensive insurance and checked the tow trucking service box. In that case, your insurance company will also cover the tow trucking service according to the signed car insurance policy.

Usually, this service is covered under the “Roadside assistance” section, and you have to pay some extra to avail of additional coverage. Furthermore, the tow trucking service is not that expensive, and it would be wise to avail of roadside assistance as an add-on to your car insurance policy. It will benefit you if you come across the challenge of car breakdown, then you don’t have to pay for the towing expenses. The insurance company will pay for the tow truck service on your behalf. But, you need to be well aware of certain things before buying a car insurance policy.

Things to consider for Buying Car Insurance

  • Make a good insurance comparison to get the best quotes. 
  • Buy comprehensive insurance over third party insurance
  • Insurance premium calculation awareness
  • Take advantage of no claim benefit, if applicable
  • Consult a Car Insurance expert before buying the insurance policy

What is Roadside Assistance?

sharjah recovery service
Roadside Assistance Sharjah

Roadside assistance means a professional technician will come to take care of your car if you ever face a car breakdown and you are stranded with your car. So, Roadside assistance would be a good SOS in this situation.

Examples of Roadside Assistance

Following are a few examples of roadside assistance:

  • Refueling services
  • Jump Starts and Dead battery replacement
  • Tire changes in Repairs
  • Motor oil refills for overheating engines
  • Key retrieval for locked cars
  • Alternate transport
  • Minor repairing

Advantages of Roadside assistance

Following are the advantages of roadside assistance:

  • 24/7 on-demand roadside assistance keeps the driver on the road as quickly as possible.
  • In case of damages like tire burst, lock struck, etc., it saves your cost as insurance companies have to pay the repairing expenses.
  • Peace of mind as you know that you have already signed up for a car recovery service in Sharjah, and you don’t have to rush in a critical situation.

During towing, does the car insurance company cover my car?

Yes, if roadside assistance is available in your subscribed policy, the insurance company will cover the expenses during the towing process. If your car is damaged during the towing process, your insurance company will cover all the costs. And if a tow truck has an accident during the towing process, then the damages will be recovered from the driver who is at fault. 

Technically speaking, you should be in the car when you tow the vehicle. But, if you are not in the car, they will tow your vehicle, and the insurance company will cover the truck towing expenses according to the agreed car insurance policy.

5 Best Sharjah Recovery Service

Following are the best Sharjah car towing service providers:

Sharjah Car Towing Service

Contact: 054 563 6145

Address: Industrial Area 4, Sharjah

Car Recovery Millennium

Contact: 050 221 1420

Address: Industrial Area 11, near Madina market, Sharjah

Car Towing

Contact: 050 464 3782

Address: Office no.120, Yasmeen Building no.6, Industrial Area 6, Sharjah

Car Recovery Sharjah

Contact: 050 309 1563

Shams al ghroob recovery service 

Contact: 050 309 2598

Wrapping Up:

Tow Trucking service is part of Roadside assistance in the insurance policy. Third-party insurance will not give you the recovery service Sharjah expenses coverage. In contrast, it is an excellent add-on to your comprehensive insurance policy, and it would not cost you much. Furthermore, take care of some minor things when buying any car insurance policy. Because it will benefit you in case you meet your car damages. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact your car insurance provider or BuyAnyInsurance. We recommend you go through the insurance policy in detail and read it carefully before signing it. It will help you understand what is included or excluded in your insurance policy. We have also recommended the best Sharjah recovery service providers, along with their contact details. 

In the end, we recommend you to buy Roadside assistance along with the comprehensive policy. It will benefit you if you meet a rainy day in your car.