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Tips for Proper Maintenance of Tyres in Dubai

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Extreme weather conditions expose the vulnerability of poorly maintained or old tyres in Dubai. The Khaleej Times reported that 5% of all accidents are due to faulty tyres.

Regular maintenance of car tyres reduces the risk of premature wear and adds more miles to their life. 

Why do tyres in Dubai wear quicker in the summer?

Tires wear quicker in the summer due to heat that causes:

Changes in pressure

When the temperature changes, your tire pressure changes too. For each 10-degree increment in air temperature, pressure increases by 1 PSI (pound per square inch). In the hot summer weather, the PSI can go up by as much as 5 PSI within an initial 20 minutes of driving, which causes sudden inflation and increases contact and friction between the tire and the road surface.


The most common heat-related issue is dry-rot. Dry-rot, otherwise called sidewall cracking, happens when the oils of your tire’s rubber start to evaporate. This results in a dry tire that is susceptible to cracking that can lead to sudden and dangerous tire bursts.

How to maintain tires in Dubai?

Inspect for wear and tear

Look out for any indications of damage. Glaring signs may include cracks, cuts and exposed wires on the tires.

The tread depth indicates how long the tire has been in use and how long it will last. A brand new tire usually has a thickness of 8mm while the minimum requirement for tread depth in cars is typically 1.6 mm.

However, motorists should change a tire when its tread depth rises lower than 3mm to preserve friction between the tire and the road.

Monitor the pressure

The right air pressure keeps the temperature of the tires down, and they function well on the road. Always inflate your tyres to the correct pressure, not too low and not too high.

Monitor the pressure
Via Kenda Tire

The biggest culprit of pressure inconsistencies is under-inflation, which can occur after neglecting frequent checks. So, make sure that you check your tire pressure from time to time.

An under-inflated tire results in more heat because of the excess flexing in the sidewalls. This increases fuel consumption and also affects the braking distance, hence undermining safety.

Check for the right balance

You will notice an imbalance when the steering wheel vibrates even through the slightest bump in the road. The right tire balance prevents premature wear and tear of your tires. It also protects the steering system, the suspension and the bearings of your vehicle and guarantees a comfortable and safe ride.

Check for the right balance

Fix misalignment

The leading cause of misalignment is hitting objects and potholes on the roads that disrupt suspension and cause the wheel to sit at irregular angles. Therefore you should avoid them as much as possible while driving.

What is wheel alignment? Via Learn Engineering

Uneven tire alignment will result in premature wear of the tires, which eventually leads to sudden tire bursts.

One great sign of wheel misalignment is uneven wears on your tires. Other indicators of misalignment that you should look out for are;

  • Drifting of the car even as you try to drive straight
  • The vibration that emanates from your steering wheel
  • Uncentered steering wheel even as you drive straight.

Tire misalignment is a delicate issue and should be corrected by an expert. Therefore pay a visit to your garage when you detect misalignment.

Rotate tires

Rotating car tyres periodically is essential for maintenance. Since each tyre performs a different task, they wear at a different rate. Rotation ensures that wear pattern is distributed uniformly, hence extending the life of each tire. Tyres should be rotated every 10,000 kms, whereas more conscientious car owners often rotate their tyres every 5,000 kms.

Rotate tires

When should you change car tyres in Dubai?

Restrict the lifespan of a tyre to 5 years from the date of manufacture or on the appearance of apparent signs of wear and damage. You can check the age of the tyre by the 4 digit code stamped on the outside wall that shows the date of manufacture.

How to buy the right tyres in Dubai?

  • Don’t buy poor quality or counterfeit branded tyres. The seller should have a certificate of origin which contains a QR code to scan for authenticity.
  • The tire should meet standards required for UAE weather, i.e., work correctly in temperatures over 50 degrees celsius. They should be category A for high resistance to heat.
  • Shop around. Buying tyres from the car dealership can be expensive, whereas the same tyres are available at petrol station tyre shops for much cheaper.

How to buy the right tyres in Dubai?
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