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Did You Wear Your Pajamas To Work today?

Written by Wasim

Wearing your PJ’s to work began in the U.S to mark the day after the taxes were handed in and April 16th marks the day that people have called “the best holiday of the year” as it’s so much fun!  Personally, I prefer the festivities at Christmas, but some say that is another level of fun.

#Nationalwearyourpajamastowork day is celebrated as a wind down from the long hours and hard work of those people whose job its been to fill in the taxes (mostly in the U.S).

The BuyAnyInsurance team took part by wearing Pyjamas to work (some wore them on the metro even) to celebrate the hard work and round the clock service we provide our customers.  We even encouraged customers and prospects to send in pictures of them in the office wearing PJ’s to claim a discount on their car insurance.

Our team is committed to providing you the best car insurance advice, at the best price at any time of the day.  Call us on 800 765 429 or start your quote on buyanyinsurance

Originally published Apr 16, 2019 16:28:29 PM, updated May 06, 2024

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