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Women’s Day and Insurance in the UAE

Written by Sahar

Women need insurance just as much as anyone. On the occasion of Women’s Day 2021, let’s talk about women’s insurance needs in the UAE and whether they can find an #EachforEqual policy.

Women’s Day 2021 is all about #EachforEqual. That means equal opportunities and access to employment, healthcare, and education across genders. Where it is safe to say that we have come a long way as far as female empowerment and growth is concerned, it would be foolish to think we don’t have more ground to cover.

Women in the UAE are a perfect amalgamation of this. They have come a long way. They are home-makers, educators, healthcare providers, and entrepreneurs. Women of the UAE have evolved with the times. Perfectly aware of current events and trends, their needs from their surroundings have also changed.

Therefore, when they look for insurance it is with very different eyes. They don’t have the same concerns as men. They look for extra safety features where men might not even consider. So, on this Women’s Day, let’s look at insurance criteria in the UAE, and what women want from it.

Car Insurance

It is a well-documented fact that women have different tastes in cars. They look for comfort, convenience, and larger storage spaces. When they see a vehicle they want to know if it will fit the kids comfortably in the back. Since most mothers are responsible for school runs, and afterschool programs, they need a vehicle that will assist them in these tasks, not hinder them.

Therefore their car insurance needs are going to be drastically different from men. Most of them won’t interested in off-roading. They would rather spend more on Personal Accident Cover for them and their passengers. Similarly, men are more inclined to take a risk and just buy Third-Party liability insurance. Women, on the other hand, are risk-averse. They would rather spend a little more and buy Comprehensive Coverage.

Another factor that we need to keep in mind is that women tend to get cheaper car insurance. This is due to the fact that insurance providers consider men to be a risky investment. They also believe that women are more careful on the road. Hence, women are considered less of a risk to insure. This is proven by market surveys and the number of roadside accidents that occurred in the past few years. Women were responsible for only 35% of accidents.

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Health Insurance

#EachforEqual also means access to proper healthcare facilities. The UAE has state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics. They attract medical practitioners and patients alike. Furthermore, health insurance is mandatory in the Emirates.

Women require more healthcare than men do. While men might run the health risks of diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic illnesses later in life; women have reproductive health and cancer scare to think about. Because of the sensitive nature of reproductive health women are picky about their healthcare practitioner. Some have been known to change several doctors before they found one they were comfortable with.

This picky nature can be a little difficult if your doctor of choice isn’t part of your insurance companies hospital/clinic network. So, women require insurance providers who will make the payment process easier.

Earlier last year the UAE government announced that coverage for three types of cancer will now be covered in health insurance as well. As women are more prone to cancer this is great news, and a weight off their minds.

Home Insurance in the UAE

Most women still fulfil the traditional role of home-maker. The home is their office and they run it like a tight ship. It is their base of operations, where they raise their family. Therefore, it is precious to them. Home insurance protects their property as well as their personal belongings o the property. Since women stay on the property more they are aware of what maintenance needs to be done. They often take up the role of calling repairmen and getting things fixed themselves. Therefore they would know more about what needs to be insured, and how much is covered.

Similarly, many ex-pat women in the UAE who come for work rent apartments where they often live alone. These women don’t own property but they still need home insurance. They need to protect their personal belongings and home contents.

Travel Insurance

A lot of women have started travelling solo in the past decade. From exploring islands in South-East Asia to hiking mountains in South America, women are now trotting the globe on their own.

Therefore they require a unique kind of travel insurance. Women are concerned about their safety, as well as the safety of their luggage. They don’t want to lose out on bookings, or cancelled flights. Therefore their travel insurance needs to translate their needs.

The UAE has a great mix of international and local insurance providers. They provide amazing policies designed for each individual buyer’s needs. Women can find a great resource of insurance from them. Get #EachforEqual – Get an equal playing field by comparing insurance providers. To find an independent source to compare insurance policies that best suit women’s needs, they can visit our website or call our toll free number: 800 765 429.

We, at BuyAnyInsurance, are celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 by standing #EachforEqual and providing a Care Package for the wonderful women in our lives.

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