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Winter In Dubai: Best Places to Explore

Written by Huma

Winter in Dubai is the package of excitement and a perfect destination to explore places that show the true heritage of the locals and modern inventions of the UAE.

This winter pack your
bags and visit top places in Dubai that can blow your mind in this chill

Dubai, the city known for
its diversity and innovative development has emerged from its dry dessert to spectacular
tourist destination.

The modern infrastructure development and worldwide sponsorship of its marvelous art, career opportunities and attractive architecture, has compelled people to make it their next holiday destination.

According to the recent statistic reports each year, especially in the mo0nth of January when winter has just started in Dubai maximum number of touristy from all over the world travel Dubai.

But why is that so?

The reasons behind this
are numerous but what we gathered from our expert view is that this city
clicked all the boxes of a perfect winter vacation.

As people get amazed by the world’s tallest housing buildings, larger than life shopping malls, luxurious hotels and restaurants and focuser the amusement parks are getting its fair share of the audience.

Therefore, to make your visit a memorable and enjoyable one we have planned a travel guide for you so that you can spend your winter in Dubai, in all these hot places in the best possible way.

1. Spend a Day in the Vast Desert

Your visit to Dubai cannot be completed without visiting the deserts in Dubai. The scenic beauty of this dessert is just one of the many factors that are worth visiting. There are a lot of adventurous and fun activities that have been designed for you.

The desert is not only
for the people who are seeking adventure but also for the tourists who like to
visit it casually. The ride across the desert itself is more thrilling than any
roller coaster. You will also get a chance to see the national bird of UAE, at
a personal level along with rides on the camel.

Other than these
attractions, a camp has been designed in the desert which is altogether another
experience. You get a chance to explore the rich, old cultures of Dubai in
these camps.  

Additionally, your safari trip will not be completed without the exquisite barbecue dinner. There are also performances by the folk artists after the sunset that are definitely worth witnessing.

Hence exploring safari
deserts in the winter has its own charms.

2. Skiing at Ski Dubai During Winter

While the heat feels good
in winter, you cannot deny the importance of traditional winter fun. Even for
this purpose, Dubai has you covered. It is always a delight to spend at least
one day in the snow to celebrate winter in its true form.

Ski Dubai not only gives you the ultimate experience of being in snow but also to enjoy it by indulging in many activities. Skiing is done throughout the year.

Along with it, you also get snowboarding opportunities. Thus, experience all this in the biggest resort of the Middle East inside the Mall of Emirates.

All you have to do is get
the tickets and enjoy winter to the fullest in Dubai. You don’t have to take
your own gear with you as that will be provided to you at the venue. 

3. Winter Festival at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre

There is no point in visiting Dubai in winter and not experiencing the great winter festival. This festival is being celebrated for some few years now and is filled with fun activities. It is set up in Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. There are typically three days for the festival.

Just like other
festivities in Dubai, this festival also gives a chance to the attendees to get
indulged in various activities. There are food stalls set up in the festival
along with a winter market. Other than this, there are activities that can be
enjoyed by children and adults.

There is a snow play area and snow slide along with an ice skating rink. These activities not only lets you experience a traditional winter but are also filled with thrill and excitement. You will enjoy the festival whether you are going with a group of friends or with your family.

Therefore, grab your
tickets and let yourself experience winter in this festive event.

4. Connect with Nature in Dubai Miracle Garden

What’s more miraculous
than a giant garden in the middle of a desert? Among many other wonders, Dubai
has even made it possible to build the largest garden in a desert. You have the
chance to witness this miracle personally. Surround yourself in the beauty of
nature by being in the company of millions of flowers in the garden.

There are more than 50 million flowers of over 120 varieties in the garden. It is a place to visit with your partners or family. There are flower structures throughout the garden. The model of Emirates Airbus situated in the garden holds the Guinness record as it is the largest flower arrangement in the world. There is a heart passage in the garden where many couples like to take pictures.

Thus, it is the best
place for people who love being in nature. Even if you are not a nature lover,
this place is worth witnessing.

5. Witness every Culture at Global Village This Winter in Dubai

Global village does not
need any kind of introduction as it is one of the most famous projects in the
world. You get to experience the cultures of all the countries around the
world. Your trip to Dubai in winter will not be completed if you don’t plan a
visit to the Global Village.

It is a great place to
visit with your families, partners, friends or even solo. You don’t only get to
witness it as you can buy each country’s artifacts as well. There are pavilions
for each country that lets you witness their culture. If you are a collector of
rare objects of countries throughout the world, this is the best place for you.
You can buy many things from whichever country you like.

Global village is a
winter event as it is closed down in the summer. Therefore, this is the best
chance for you to plan a visit to witness such wonders in Dubai in winter.

6. Experience Thrilling Slides in Aquaventure Waterpark

Winter in Dubai is never a
dull moment.

Spend an outdoor day in
one of the biggest water parks in the world, Aquaventure Waterpark. It is
located in Atlantis, The Palm. You get a chance to experience one of the
largest water slides in this park that will make your trip more thrilling and fun.

This park has the world’s
largest waterslide known as Aquaconda. Along with this, there are many other
enormous slides. The park also offers different activities such as beach games
as it is situated on the beautiful beach with white sand. The visitors also get
a chance to experience underground diving with different fish and dolphins.

There are many
restaurants in the park that offer scrumptious food. You get a complete
experience while visiting this park as there are many offerings provided to

Hence, this is one of the
places that must be on your list while planning your trip to Dubai in winter.

7. Enjoy a Quiet Dinner on Dhow Cruise

If you want to enjoy a quiet winter night with good food and a beautiful view, you can go for dinner on a Dhow Cruise. This will give you a chance to enjoy dinner and give you a break from all the other thrilling activities. It is a great way to have a different type of dinner in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise gives you options to choose depending on the type of experience that you would like. If you like to have your dinner while having a view of the city, you can choose Marina. If you like to explore the history and cultural heritage of Dubai, you can choose Creek.

Both of these options give you a tour for 2 hours. You can have this spectacular experience while having dinner. If you want to experience the journey in which you will be offered sumptuous food along with witnessing the attractions of Dubai, this is the best option for you. You also get to experience the outstanding performance of a Tanoura dancer.

 Therefore, this option must be on your list of
all the places you have to visit in Dubai in winter.

8. Winter Season is the Beach Season in Dubai

Beaches around the world have become a spot for family picnic and a symbol of natural beauty that compel a segment of the community to be together.

Beaches in Dubai also considered an exciting place on earth. Famous Jumeirah and marina beaches are already the talk of the town in the winter season.

As people love to get tanned and enjoyed the seawater.

Sincerest of the year in Dubai, the weather is too hot but in winter the weather is perfect for tanning and quite pleasant to roam.

Therefore, for those who are looking for the best winter trip that doesn’t require them to confide in heavy warm clothes and gloves then Dubai is the place to enjoy winters like its summer.

9. Witness New Year Celebrations at Burj Khalifa

What’s a winter visit to
Dubai without experiencing the New Year’s celebrations? We saved the biggest
attraction of Dubai in winter for the last. These celebrations are famous
throughout the world due to the amazing firework shows that happen every year,
especially on Burj Khalifa.

The spectacular show done
on the building can be seen from far because of their magnitude. This show is
one of the main reasons why many tourists choose Dubai as a destination for
their winter trips. There are fireworks happening throughout the city on New
Year’s Eve but the most remarkable are the ones at Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa is a sight itself and there is nothing better than it being light up by the fantastic fireworks.

Thus, your winter trip to
Dubai cannot be completed unless you witness this wonder yourself.


Winter in Dubai it’s like
living in the city of lights and exciting ventures never disappoint you if you
plan your next trip here.

Enjoy ethnic food, go camping, visit larger than life gardens and people living standard with the right guide. This is the right time to plan your trip here as Christmas and the new year is close and believe me you don’t want to miss how Dubai celebrates the new year.

Hence this season grab your bags and enter the city that excites you at every turn.

Originally published Dec 11, 2019 13:02:56 PM, updated May 18, 2021

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