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When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Brake Pads?

Written by Wasim

As we approach some of the warmer months in the UAE and temperatures will exceed over 40 degrees Celsius, it has been advised to check your brake pads as that is what stands between you and having an accident.  Sometimes the SZR is a bit of a race track, and cars are racing between each other, taxis braking and lane changing often without indication.

We have created a guide that could help you look out for signs that indicate that your brake pads need changing:

  1. Clicking Noise

    Have you heard a clicking or rattling noise when you press the brakes? Most cars have a device that prevents rattling when you press the brakes, so if you understand that noise, it could be due to thinning brake pads and that the pads need to be replaced.

  2. Screeching Sound

    Screeching is also associated with thinning brakes or brakes that are of a lower quality, even when you may have had had them changed.  If you hear this sound, this is also another sign of replacing your brakes.

  3. Grinding Sound

    When a brake pad entirely wears out, the brake caliper and the brake disc rub together and produce a sound that sounds like metal grinding.  This is very bad for your pocket and the car as you will have to replace the brake pad, but also parts of the brake system that you wouldn’t have had to succeed if you had just replaced your brake pads earlier.

  4. Pulling On One Side

    Removing on one side is often associated when your wheels need to be aligned.  I have been told by a car specialist that it is also when the brake pad has become too thin and creates an imbalance on the wheels grip and that in turn, causes the pull.

  5. Vibrating Brake Pedal

    Usually, when it gets too warm when you press the brakes on your car, you get a vibrating or pulsating sensation.  This could be the excessive heat or worn-out brakes. If the brakes are not too worn out, you can re-machine them.

  6. Thin Brake Pads

    As we are in the period when most people are looking to buy cars, it’s always wise to look at the brake pads.  They should be more than a ¼ inch in thickness. Car dealers don’t give this as a part of the warranty.

  7. Safety Tips

    Monitor the signs discussed above to determine if you need to have your brake pads repaired or replaced. Buy original parts as much as possible.

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Originally published May 19, 2019 11:52:35 AM, updated Mar 29, 2022

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