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Tips to Renew Car Registration in Dubai

Written by Sahar

Car registration in Dubai needs to be renewed once a year. When you buy a new car the onus of having it registered, and the registration renewed, falls on the dealer for the first year. From the second year on it is the car owners responsibility to ensure that the registration is renewed in a timely fashion.

Many insurance companies take on the task for you. Along with car insurance, they also offer car registration renewal in Dubai. Their service saves you time it would have taken for you to do it yourself. However not all insurance companies provide this service so you’ll need to confirm it is one of the features of your policy. If it is not a prominent part of your policy you can compare car insurance policies online to find one that does cater to this need.

Like car insurance policies, car registration renewal also allows a 30 day grace period after the twelve months have expired. Whereas the 30 day grace period is given to insurance policyholders to do more market research in case they want to switch, the 30 day grace period is allowed for car owners to fix any damage to the car or pay off fines they have accumulated over the past year.

Speaking of fines, AED10 is charged per month for every month the car registration is not renewed. After three months any vehicle caught with expired registration will have to pay a fine of AED500 and have their vehicle confiscated for seven days.

We’ve established how important it is to renew car registration in Dubai. But how does one get it done? The process might seem daunting but when you get into the details it really isn’t. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the process of car registration renewal.

Pending Fines

Take advantage of the 30 day grace period and check up on any pending fines. It is imperative that all the fines have been paid before you renew car registration in Dubai. It is fairly easy to pay your fines. You can do it online on the RTA website. Fines can be paid as late as during the renewal process.

However, in case of any black points on your vehicle, you’ll have to contact the police. Try to resolve any issues before the renewal of your car registration. For the future try to keep up to date on any black points on your car. It can take some time to sort through the paperwork and police procedures. So these should be done well in advance of car registration renewal.


The required documents to renew car registration in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Emirates ID
  2. Driving License
  3. Old Registration Card
  4. Car Insurance (Renewed)
  5. Car Testing Certificate

If you are leasing or renting a car it is mandatory to bring the documents of the owner of the vehicle.

how to get a driwing lincense

Car Testing Certificate

A car testing certificate is awarded after a car has been tested by RTA approved vehicle visiting centres. This certifies that the vehicle has been checked and is roadworthy. The test takes somewhere between thirty to forty minutes.

Among the many things that will be tested some are:

  1. Tyres
  2. Steering
  3. Brake
  4. Suspension system

Brand new vehicles are exempt from the cart test for the first two years. After the two years have elapsed they are also required to get a car test certificate for the car registration renewal process.

The car test certificate is valid for thirty days. If the vehicle fails the car test there is no need to get the test done again. Failure will alert your insurance provider and you’ll have to review your options.

Insurance Renewal

Before you start the process to renew car registration in Dubai you should renew your insurance policy. It is important to do so before because car registration renewal demands the insurance renewal documents to complete the process.

The 30 day grace period is also a great time to switch insurance providers if you are unhappy with your current services. You can also negotiate better premium rates with your current provider during this time.

Three Ways to Renew Car Registration in Dubai

Insurance Provider

As mentioned before, many insurance companies provide the service of renewing car registration for clients in Dubai. It is part of the policy you buy. Yet, not all do so. In case you have this option you can let the insurance provider deal with the renewal of registration.

Online Registration

Like most everything, the RTA also provides online services to ease the process for busy car owners. The online registration renewal process is fairly simple. You just need to complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the RTA website
  2. Click on Drivers and Vehicle option
  3. Select Vehicle
  4. Submit the all required documents mentioned in the article above
  5. Pay renewal fee and unpaid fines, if any, via e- payment
  6. Confirm the delivery method

Once the process is finished you will be given a temporary motor vehicle registration notice. Get a printout and keep it in your car till your permanent registration card arrives. It takes five working days for the card to be processed. It will be delivered to you via the method you chose at the end of the online registration process.

Traditional Office Visit

You, or your representative, can also just visit the registration centre physically to apply for car registration renewal. Make sure to take all the required documents. You can pay any outstanding fines there and then.

You will be provided with a pin number after the registration. This is a one-visit only pin and expires after the visit. A new pin will be generated by the RTA if your old one expires. The purpose of the pin is to track all transactions transfer, selling, and exporting of number plate.

People who lease or rent cars should enquire about the car’s registration and how far it is from expiring. Also, decide before renting who is responsible for the car registration renewal. This is imperative to keep on top of the car registration in case you are stopped by traffic police.

This was a concise and comprehensive guide to getting your vehicle’s registration renewed. We hope it was helpful and that your registration process in the future will be a piece of cake.

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