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Tips For a Healthy Ramadan During Coronavirus

Written by Sahar

This Ramadan is a challenge for the Muslim ummah. Due to the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic, we can no longer frequent our mosques. Tarawih, like everything else, will now be observed from home.

As the world comes to grips with the new normal we, as Muslims, have a golden opportunity for self-reflection. Ramadan has always been a time to slow down and take stock. It has been a month to get back in touch with our spirituality. It is a month of blessings and charity of big open hearts and generosity.

The best way to give back to society is by first taking care of yourself. So here are a few tips to observe a healthy Ramadan during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stay Hydrated

Although this is common sense it still can’t be stressed enough. It is even more essential in Ramadan. We only get a few hours to replenish our water needs. Trying to juggle sleep, tarawih prayers, and other activities can leave very little time to mindfully hydrate.

A great way to keep your electrolytes up without having to drink too much is by adding electrolyte powders to your water. You can have lemon water with a little sugar for a refreshing start to your Iftar. Regular sips from a portable water bottle during tarawih can keep you energized.

Incidentally, you should avoid caffeine as much as possible. A cup of coffee or tea should be more than enough. Exceeding that is going to have a negative effect on your hydration.

Get Proper Rest

Ramadan timings can be really stressful on our health. Coronavirus lockdown means most of us will be working from home but it won’t ensure that we get proper rest. Snatches of sleep between meetings, or home chores, aren’t really restful. A lot of households become nocturnal during Ramadan to counter this. But nothing can replace a full night’s sleep.

Our advice is to get a major chunk of sleep between Isha and Suhoor. This uninterrupted time of sleep will help your body regenerate, rejuvenate, and have you ready for the day of fast.

Of course, you can choose which ever time suits you best. But make sure you are well rested.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

It is very important to maintain a healthy diet all year round but more so in Ramadan. One of the key factors in avoiding coronavirus or any disease is to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. This includes a healthy diet. So double down on healthy meals in Ramadan.

Concentrate meals around foods that are nutritious and beneficial. Try to avoid junk food. It is hard to imagine Iftar without fried delicacies, and spicy finger foods, but try to make them a once a week ritual or on special occasions. Summers are great for fresh fruits and vegetables. They boost up your fiber intake. Make Suhoor about foods that will fill you up longer and sustain you throughout the day. Yogurt is a great way to keep the thirst pangs at bay.

Just remember – you are what you eat, and Ramadan is about the blessings of faith.

Passing on our Islamic traditions to the next generation to help them make sense of the world

Be Active

Most of us have very sedentary lifestyles. This has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Try to pick up an activity that will keep you active. Most times when we sit for too long or stay in one position it can be harmful to us physically. Going for a brisk walk, or even doing a few jumping jacks between long periods of sitting at a desk can help boost energy levels.

Don’t Miss Suhoor

In an effort to get some proper rest we tend to sacrifice our Suhoor. Although this might be ideal once or twice its not a good idea for the whole month. The Suhoor meal helps us the fuel for the day. Without it, we can suffer headaches, lethargy, weakness, and irritability. So try to wake up for Suhoor and fill up on fuel for the day.

Iftar and Suhoor are both occasions for families to come together. And in this time of uncertainty and pandemic, we need this more than ever.

So, be extra mindful this Ramdan of those who need your dua and your charity. Be thankful for the security and health you have. Come together as an ummah in this time of need to bring peace and patience to all. We at Buy Any Insurance wish you a blessed Ramadan.

Originally published Apr 23, 2021 13:46:00 PM, updated Mar 22, 2022

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