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Read The Different Types of Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance In UAE

Auto insurance is a legal requirement for vehicle owners in the UAE. If you reside in the UAE, chances are that you already have car insurance. If you are a new driver in the Emirates, you might be searching for a suitable insurance provider. At BuyAnyInsurance you can easily compare different auto insurance providers and find the one best suited for you.

While most auto insurance packages fall into a few broad categories, many insurance companies in UAE can have different names for different types of car insurance offerings.  To make it easier for you to consider all your options and make an informed decision, we have listed below the common different types of car insurance coverage you can choose:

1. Third Party Liability Insurance

The minimum coverage required under UAE law, Third Party Liability Insurance protects you if you are legally held responsible for any physical injury or damage to someone else’s property. Often the cheapest insurance coverage, it is mandatory in Dubai. While it covers any bodily injury or physical damage to the property of a third party, it does not cover any damage sustained by you as the owner of the vehicle.

To put it simply, under Third Party Liability Insurance you will have to bear the cost of repairs for your own vehicle if you are ever in an accident.  

You can, however, include add-ons such as damage by fire and car theft. This will understandably increase your premium cost.

2. Basic Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

A much more expensive alternative to Third Party Liability Coverage, this is often the best option for new and expensive cars. A major reason is because such cars tend to have a higher repair cost.

Comprehensive Insurance
Coverage provides you protection against both third party damage and your own loss. This in-depth policy details and covers damage by almost all possible causes, from accidents and theft to damage by fire and lightning.

Keep in mind, however, that cars that are older than seven years will not be eligible for Comprehensive Insurance Coverage. Rather, such vehicles are often only eligible for Third-Party Liability Insurance.

3. Comprehensive Insurance Add-ons

Aside from the basic in-depth coverage, Comprehensive Insurance also allows you to add additional features into your policy – at an additional cost. These may include insurance coverage in GCC countries, dealer repair, personal injury protection, roadside assistance and even loss of personal items.

4. Premium Comprehensive Insurance Policy

The most expensive auto insurance coverage policy available in Dubai, it covers nearly everything. It is normally only referred by insurance providers to a very specific clientele. This category mostly includes owners of sports cars or luxury cars.

5. Exclusions of Auto Insurance

Despite the different types of auto insurance coverage available, keep in mind that some things will not be a part of your policy(s). These include, among other things, off-road coverage, damages caused by driving under the influence of intoxicants, deliberate accidents and false claims at the time of purchase.

Now that you have a basic idea of the types of auto insurance coverage options you are likely to find in the market, feel free to browse at your convenience and compare the best options suitable for you at BuyAnyInsurance.

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