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Pay Less for Car Insurance in Dubai – Inside Scoop!

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Pay Less for Car Insurance in Dubai – Inside Scoop!

Many consumers are oblivious to the benefits of having a no claims certificate from their insurance provider. Did you know safe drivers in the UAE are entitled to no-claims discounts of up to 20%?

If you consider yourself a cautious driver, chances that you could probably save a hefty sum on your next policy. This is where a simple document can be your golden ticket for some savings.

What is a no claims certificate?

After a car accident or other damage, it is necessary to claim the repair costs. However, if no such incident happened and there are no claims, you are eligible for a no claims certificate. Minor damages without fault don’t count as a claim since they don’t reflect your ability to drive well.

How is it beneficial for car insurance in Dubai?

A no-claims certificate proves that you have not made a claim and won’t cost your insurer any money. Therefore, it implies that you are a safe motorist. Thus, for every year of active car insurance in Dubai, you will receive a progressive rebate on your insurance premium.

How much discount are we talking about?

For the first year, it can start at 20 per cent. Each year without a claim give you a steeper discount on car insurance in Dubai. If you stick with the same insurance provider, they may even offer loyal customers additional concessions. Always ask!

What do I need to be mindful of?

File for a no-claims certificate at least two weeks before renewing car insurance in Dubai. The same applies to anywhere else in the UAE.

Is it transferrable to another car insurance in Dubai?

Yes, the transfer process is simple. Most firms allow the transfer without any hassles if you are moving from one insurer to another. And if the certificate is genuine, the discount pertains.


Is car insurance transferable in Dubai?

Yes! The Dubai Government allows you to transfer car insurance completely to another owner.

How to renew car insurance in Dubai?

To renew your car insurance in Dubai, you need to reach out to the insurer of your preferred company. Additionally, you need to submit details of your car, copy of the UAE visa and UAE driving license. 

How does insurance decide how much a totaled car is worth?

The value of the repair, losses due to an accident, rental reimbursement costs are added up to determine the total loss value. 

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