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Motor Insurance Accident Tips & Claims Process

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Motor Insurance Accident Tips & Claims Process


Motor insurance is arguably the most popular coverage buyers choose from the market.

As car drivers travel more and more in the city and navigate through the busy roads, their auto policy needs also increase.

In fact, the number of insurance providers providing their services in the market has also increased and people can expect to see a whole lot of options in the future.

Not surprisingly, insurance providers have a number of packages that cater to the various needs of the car owners to help them with their coverage needs effectively.

All possible pain paints have already been identified so that people do not have to suffer unnecessarily when choosing the plan which suits them the most.

While other insurance categories like health and home are also gaining increased attention, most of the providers focus on auto policy the most.

Some providers like axa insurance company claim to offer a good service but that is not entirely accurate.A top service has a number of strong points and you should figure out which one is the best yourself.

Insurance services are growing quite extensively and fast gaining popularity.

This is primarily driven by the mandatory legal requirement in the UAE to have auto policy and wishes to promote their security and safety.

Within motor insurance, there are plenty of coverages available that include:

  • courtesy car replacement for your convenience
  • no claims discount for a cost-effective coverage
  • agency repairs coverage
  • superior auto assist

In addition, some other coverage includes:

  • free emergency medical expenses and personal belongings coverage and other freebies
  • customized need-based insurance packages
  • the exclusive motor shield cover
  • personal accident coverage

In no way, is this an exhaustive list for the auto policy coverages available.

Motor Insurance Needs

More often than not, car coverage plans largely differ and offer a host of options. Therefore, buyers can expect the introduction of innovative coverages based on their preferences and the market.

Broadly, two auto policy options are available:

  • comprehensive coverage and third-party cover.

As discussed in the previous blogs, comprehensive coverage covers both the insured party’s car as well as the other cars on the road.

However, third-party car insurance is mandatory and covers pedestrians as well as vehicles out on the road.

Normally, people choose what works best for them.

Generally, for people wishing to have a minimum level of care, a third-party cover is bought to fulfill their legal obligations.

For others wanting a more inclusive and additional auto policy, comprehensive coverage is preferred.

Increasingly, the trend amongst the buyers is to get an online auto policy quote in minutes.

To know Where can you buy insurance online Dubai? Read this.

Additionally, through car insurance contact number, car coverage support is also increasingly available. Services like WhatsApp can even be used to either buy insurance or even claim their policy in minutes!

Closely related to this phenomenon is the increasing number of vacancies in the insurance sector.

Insurance Authority is the body that usually oversees matters relating to insurance in the UAE and has a list of helpful guides for the residents as well as expats.

While not their primary aim, the Insurance Authority also shows a number of vacancies that need to be fulfilled to meet market demand.

This largely helps people in finding employment too.

No one wants to be involved in an accident. However, in the real world, accidents happen.

Sometimes, people panic and are unable to understand what to do after an accident as they are unable to make sense of the anxious situation around them.

Steps To Take After An Accident

What should you do in case of a car accident?

Fortunately, after severe car accidents, there are certain steps that you can take for your safety and get the insurance claim process started. First and foremost:1. Check yourself for injuriesThis is important because you might have incurred serious injuries in the process. It is advisable to always wait for a trained professional to examine you.2. Check passengers for injuries If you find your passengers injured, you need to call emergency services or you can ask someone to do it for you.3. Move towards a safe spot In case your car is in the middle of the road, you can move it towards the side of the road. However, if the car is not causing any issues, just move yourself towards a safe spot.4. Call the police Usually, this is done to document the scene and for police to fill out an accident report. Also, if you file a claim with your insurer, they might ask for a copy of the police report to assist in the claims process.5. Warn other vehiclesAfter the accident, turn off the car engine and turn on the hazard lights. Also, warn other vehicles by using road flares.6. Exchange information There are some important information drivers should exchange after the accident.They include name and contact information of drivers, insurance company and the policy number, driver’s license and license plate number, model/ type, the color of the vehicle and location of the accident.7. Keep a record of the accident Document the incident by getting the name and number of the officers, get a copy of the police report, take pictures from different angles showing the damaged vehicles, take names and addresses of all the parties involved and also get the witness information.All this will help you in filing a successful auto policy claim from your insurer.8. Initiate the claims process Call the insurance agent you got your car coverage from. Ask them for the additional documents they will need. This will facilitate in processing your car insurance claim.

Following the above steps will certainly help in keeping you and the people around you safe. Also, it is also a useful checklist you can refer to in the future and even pass it on.

Because who knows that with your help and care, numerous people will be able to benefit and safely understand how to get the most of their auto policy.

An effective car coverage policy will always pay you off!

While many insurance companies do not tell you effectively regarding your claims process easily, we will just walk you through regarding your expectations when filing a car insurance claim.

Insurance Claims Process

Typically, this is the area most people need guidance in.

However, insurance companies differ in the way they handle claims.

Broadly, the following are the most asked questions by people seeking to get an auto policy.

What documents do I need to register my claim?

Generally, you need to have a

valid UAE driving license of both the drivers involved in the accident,

provide the vehicle registration copy and

submit the original copy of the police report.

Also, the insurance holders fill u a claim form received from their insurance companies.

What should I do while I am waiting for repairs?

You can do two of the following things:

Either you can drop your car at the recommended garage for repairs.

Or you can get towing assistance from the insurer if you are unable to move the vehicle.

What happens in the garage?

After your vehicle is in the garage, it is usually examined by motor surveyors to decide if the repair work needs to be carried out or not.

Usually, the authorization takes a few days.

But how will I get my vehicle back?

When your vehicle repair is completed, you will get a call from either the garage or an authorized workshop.

Afterward, you can get access to your car and start driving it too.

Some insurance providers, however, even get your repaired vehicle delivered at your home.

Great! Can you give me some useful insurance tips?

Sure! For an effective auto policy, just do the following:

Never get yourself involved in an argument with the other driver. It is much better to leave the decision to the police.

Secondly, try to evaluate the damage or the loss.

Inform your insurer about the accident to enable timely settlement of your insurance claim.

Lastly, follow all the instructions laid down by your auto policy company.

It is better to go through the insurance policy beforehand so that you can avoid last-minute panic and confusion.

What is policy excess in motor insurance?

This is the amount that you will have to pay in case you make a for your policy at your own fault.

What is motor fleet insurance?

This insurance will protect your business from the compensation claims from third pirates in case of motor accident. 

Do I need motor legal protection on car insurance?

No! Motor legal protection on car insurance is not mandatory. This is optional and depends upon you. 


Keep in mind that while many insurance reviews are done, buyers should review more useful services and help them with guides like ours.

You will hear about all kinds of services like axa travel insurance, axa health insurance, and axa life insurance, among others, in the market. However, other services are much better and more effective, which buyers like you should keep in mind.

On that note, we conclude this article.

Our purpose today was to familiarize you with a little background on insurance, services offered, steps you can take during an accident, and the auto policy claims process.

We hope and pray that now you will surely know what to do in case you need any emergency assistance to make your claims process much more convenient.

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