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Compare Health Insurance Plans Wisely

Written by Huma

Health Insurance Plans in the UAE market got its fair share of recognition and sponsorship after the number of casualties and the death rate has been increased in the UAE.

Many insurance providers have come forward and have introduced packages of medical care plans to the general audience. Therefore it is crucial to compare health insurance policy before choosing one.

The government took the stance of making health insurance plans a mandatory requirement by the
formulation of Dubai Health Authorities (DHA), and implement this law form June 2016 onwards.

Now identifying and comparing health insurance policy to determine which integral health insurance coverage plans suit the best for your needs can be a tricky question and always create room for misconceptions and ambiguity regarding individual health plans.

This dilemma is not just relying only on the individual awareness of which policy they should adopt only but also based on his/her budget too. Sometimes lack of budget can also let them get those plans that are as good as worthless.

The best way to follow the steps according to your budget is to compare health insurance policy available in the market.

Comparing Health insurance policy wisely can help you to evaluate each policy, its rates and other benefits associated with it.

We always being upfront and diligent in our content present you the following observational pointers that should be taken into account while comparing health insurance policy.

1. Health Insurance Plans Pre-existing Terms

By pre-existing terms and conditions, we meant, some providers want you to mention any previous or pre-existing illness or health issues you may have should be specified before purchasing the insurance.

By doing this your health insurance premium may have impactful change. Thus, many individuals hesitant their illness of the fear of height premium as some health insurance companies terming such individuals as high-risk clients and given coverage plans after 6 months of buying insurance.

But there are some providers in Dubai who are giving 100 percent coverage to these clients and provide policy recommendations on the basis of their illness intensity.

2. Condition of Waiting Period

In health insurance, the waiting period is used for different benefits such as

  1. dental health,
  2. other mental or physical therapy
  3. For pre-existing coverages.

The purpose of the waiting period is that providers want their clients to purchase a policy that is not covering only their specific illness.

Therefore, being this into the equation can diversify your insurance to get the coverage of different health packages.

3. Health Care Networks

Under health insurance plans while comparing health insurance policy, you need to check all the health care vicinities or hospitals that are nearby .

The government and providers have a panel of the hospital under their umbrella but you have to be sure which suits you the best in terms of money and distance.

A policyholder never now might need immediate medical care, therefore keeping in mind which is major hospitals are near to your location is save a lot of trouble.

Hence it is advisable to seek medical care in designated hospitals as it saves trouble form paperwork’s and also you can get immediate cashless treatment. You can compare health insurance policy for this purpose.

4. Deductible Type

Deductible is the payment that the individual has to pay by their own when they are having any treatment.

As a policyholder, you must get aware of these deductible types that are often known as co-insurance too while you compare health insurance policy.

  1. Fixed amount/ Co-payments in Health Insurance Plans

This type of deductible is used only when the person is out-patient.

He/she has to pay a fixed amount ranges 20 to 70 AED form to very visit to the hospital.

This type is applicable only when a patient does not need to be hospitalized or is under-observation for more than 24 hours.

2. Co-Insurance/Co-payments

Under this type, the client has to pay a certain percentage for his/her treatment.

For an instant, in the UAE different co-payments criteria have been defined for specific medical care, as for maternity health care you need to pay 10% co-payment and for dental care, it is 20%.

3. Annual Deductible

In the UAE annual deductible are quite rare but some insurance companies are using this for a specific niche.

Under this type, you have to pay the majority annual deductible for treatment and the remaining is covered by the company.

For an instant you have annual deductible payment for any health insurance plans to be 1500AED, thus you need to pay 100 AED for six months and the remaining 500AED will be payable by the company along with the remaining six-month payments are also coved by the company.

Keep these deductibles while you compare health insurance policy.

5. Exclusions on Treatment

In the UAE, health insurance plans have tag essential exclusions that are enhancing your coverage plan to the next level.

For well-judged comparison, it’s very important to understand each factor precisely in order to pick out the best exclusions.

When you adopt a health insurance plan you are eligible for certain benefits and one of them is an exclusion on some treatments or extra coverage that wasn’t part of your coverage plan before.

Therefore, it vital for your health and for your pocket to do a deep analysis and comparing health insurance policy you are about to purchase and learn all the pros and cons associated with the coverage plan.

Thus, always seek insurance expert advice to make this prime decision and know which specific medical treatment you need to covered and you don’t miss out on the important one.


When we say compare health insurance policy wisely it is indicated to all the factors that can be controlled and modified by you.

Health insurance comparison though online or offline medium gives you a birds-eye view on how things truly work in the insurance market.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), have taken the initiated of introducing health insurance plans along with the comparison rates and terms and conditions that are feasible to your requirement and all over the city for all the citizen including immigrants and expatriate in the UAE.

Hence, your initial effort made on research and informative content regarding medical care coverage plan rates and its benefit can aid you on the longer run.


Which Health Insurance Plan is Cheaper in UAE?

AXA, Oman Insurance, Metlife Alico, Takaful Emarat, etc., are some of the cheapest health insurance plans in the UAE.

How To Compare Health Insurance Plan?

It’s pretty easy to compare health insurance plans online. Consider deductibles, your budget, and the insurance type you need. Use the websites like BuyAnyInsurance to compare different health insurance plans.

What should be the Claim Settlement Ratio in Health Insurance?

The claim settlement ratio in health insurance should be above 80%.

Which is the best health insurance plan?

Abu Dhabi National Insurance, Oman Insurance Co, etc., are the best health insurance plans.

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