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Common Health Insurance Myths in the UAE Busted!

Written by Sahar

Health insurance myths and misconceptions are abundant in society. People might not have health insurance but they sure do have an opinion about it. Most of what we assume about health insurance is in fact false. In fact, we bet you’ll find some you ardently believed in too.

Young and Healthy People Don’t Need Health Insurance

If you think your youth and healthy lifestyle is enough and you don’t need health insurance, you’re wrong. Everyone needs health insurance. The reason this myth is so is popular because health insurance has negative connotations. Health insurance automatically means medical problems and an unhealthy lifestyle. But the opposite is true. Health insurance essentially means you’re covered against any medical consultation or treatment even if it’s sudden or far off in the future. Health insurance is there to make sure you don’t miss out on any medical help you might need. In fact, young and healthy people are able to get better policies and lower premiums because of lower health risks. So, if you haven’t gotten health insurance yet you should definitely look into it.

You Can’t Have Health Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

This would be termed a half-truth. No, pre-existing conditions don’t bar you from getting health insurance. Yes, they do increase your premium and any coverage for them kicks in after the initiation of any insurance plan has lapsed a certain period of time. Don’t get discouraged. Buy health insurance if you have pre-existing conditions. In fact, you need health insurance more than most.

Pre-Existing Conditions Are Always Covered

Pre-existing conditions are covered by health insurance, but not immediately. The waiting period varies with every insurance provider. Some providers start coverage within six months, some don’t start considering coverage till two years have elapsed. So it is important to look at the waiting period outlined in your policy before agreeing to it. This is also why it is imperative to compare and shop for insurance policies online before buying.

My Company Will Cover Me and My Family

The UAE health insurance laws encourage employers to provide health insurance for their employees and their families. However, there are exceptions. Famously, in Dubai, this is just a suggestion and many companies take advantage of the loophole and don’t provide full health insurance coverage.

And even if the company does provide health insurance, who’s to guarantee that it will cover everything your family needs? So, yes your company does provide health insurance in most parts of the UAE, but the fact that it will be enough is a health insurance myth.

I Will Lose All Benefits If I Fail To Renew My Policy

Again, yes and no. It is true that you will lose out on any health insurance benefits if you’re policy ends and you don’t renew it. However, you are granted a 30-day grace period in which you can renew your policy. So, if your policy has lapsed you have a 30-day period in which to renew it without losing the benefits. Just make sure not to miss out on the 30-days. Because after that you won’t be able to claim any expenses.

It Isn’t Necessary To Reveal My Pre-Existing Conditions

Since pre-existing conditions are considered obstacles in the way of good health insurance coverage, buyers don’t mention them when buying a policy. This is a dangerous omission. In fact, if you fail to reveal your pre-existing conditions before buying a policy you can have the policy terminated, and all claims rejected. So, please, always lead with your pre-existing conditions. This isn’t so insurance providers can take advantage and charge you more but so they can devise a policy that covers your medical needs. You’re essentially denying yourself the proper care by omission.

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Tips to Choose Health Insurance

You Need 24-Hour Hospitalization To Make A Claim

This used to be true when procedures took many days of observation and recovery before discharge. But its a total myth now. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology a lot of procedures require just a few hours in the hospital before discharge.

Smokers Don’t Get Health Insurance

A lot of people with unhealthy habits like smoking think they will be denied health insurance. This health insurance myth is so prevalent that as a result, people don’t seek health insurance. This is not only untrue, it is a dangerous myth to spread because it prevents people from seeking a policy that would benefit their health. You’ll be charged a higher premium. But that’s about it. You will not be denied health insurance coverage if you’re a smoker. So, please, seek out a policy that covers your bases.

A Large Number of Network Hospitals Should Be Top Priority

There’s no denying that a health insurance provider with a large list of network hospitals is a major advantage. However, we don’t think it should be the top of your list of attributes when looking for an insurance policy. The network lists aren’t permanent and are subject to change every year. What if one day you wake up to find that your hospital of choice is no longer part of your insurer’s network? So it’s best not to base your health insurance preferences on this factor alone.

Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Maternity

Another health insurance myth you need to look out for concerns maternity coverage. Most people believe that maternity is not covered in health insurance. This is not true. Maternity is usually a part of a health insurance policy. However, how much is covered depends from policy to policy and how much premium you’re willing to pay.

Health Insurance Pays for Everything

On the other end of the spectrum is the health insurance myth that it pays for all hospital bills. Some procedures are not covered in health insurance policies. You should look into the exceptions in your policy before booking an appointment for any procedures.

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